sâmbătă, 17 octombrie 2009

Talking hours on the telephone

Nothing happens by chance. You have a mobile contract which allows you to phone free 1000 minutes a month. It seems to be a large offer, something which cannot be exploited at all because who can be so mad to talk approximately 33 minutes a day? The answer is the author of these lines. I'm that mad guy! This contract makes me dependent, but the biggest question is much more difficult to be answered... How can I find a topic to talk about so long? My parents live 1500 km away, my girlfriend is also far away. Enough reason to take the opportunity, but I wonder how did the soldiers manage not to talk to friends during their stay in the army? They showed patience and strength. These factors cannot be understood by us, people who have the possibility to use internet, mobile phone and another ways of communication. I need an extreme capacity of imagination to create an idea about the past decades when the development of technology couldn't be compared with the one experienced nowadays.

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