marți, 13 octombrie 2009

Hungary in the bronze final

I saw a magical game today afternoon. The Hungarian youth football team have lost its semi-final match against the ambitious Ghana. The African team is one of the biggest surprises of this edition of World Champs, but the same appreciation belongs to the Hungarian side. The final score was 2-3. After a two-goal-advantage of the African side, the Europeans didn't give up. They made a magnifficent effort to score their first goal in the 74th minute. The opponents didn't show a sign of being exhausted, moreover they suddenly lifted the score to 3-1. The game was far from being ended. The fantastic young team of Hungary came back once again by putting the ball in the rival's net. There were 3 minutes of additional time left, the pressure of the red-shirted side was even stronger. It didn't bring any result, so Ghana advanced to the final, Hungary will fight for the 3rd place on Friday.

The effort of the Europeans is unbelievable. Not only that they managed to get to the 1/8 finals by stepping out of their group, they eliminated the Czech Republic after a terrifying penalty-shootout, and went through Italy after 120 minutes of dramatic play. The guys' result is to be considered an astrological one taking in consideration that after the Golden Team of Puskas have won the Olympics, there were no football teams of Hungary showing a high level. Now we live a moment of joy, a feeling of happiness because the young sportsmen of Hungary do have a chance to bring home a medal!

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