duminică, 13 noiembrie 2011

It's getting cold outside!

Today was the first time I felt that the mild autumn is over and the weather is gradually getting colder and colder. I went to have a lunch-meal and even if the sky was blue and there were no clouds in the air, I was really shivering due to the low temperature outside. I initially wanted to make a cycling trip today, but as I observed the circumstances I decided to stay at home and to read. This action seemed to be less exciting but I am registered to several lectures at the university, so reading is a must in my case. The methods, approaches, theories of interpreting are interesting but not easy at all. Anyway, there is no reason for moaning, some obligations can also be boring, even if studying Interpreting is fantastic and I fully enjoy it. It's a huge challenge, and I'm ready to face it. There is no better feeling in the world than managing to transform an utterance from a language into another. As interpreter I have an immediate joy if I achieve my aim and I do my job well.

At the end I come back to the temperature. It's a pity that it's cold outside but I look forward to welcome the snow which creates the best winter atmosphere in Vienna. I can hardly wait to taste the hot spicy wine in winter conditions! :)

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