marți, 25 decembrie 2012

Merry Christmas to everyone!

On the first day of Christmas I wish you all merry Christmas! This is the biggest feast of the Christianity, we celebrate the birth of Jesus. But that's not all! On these days people are spending some days exclusively with their families.That's quite rare nowadays, so we fully understand why people used to call Christmas "the feast of love".

It began yesterday as I took my little brother to the church. He used to sing every year at the Unitarian mass. The same thing happened now, as we went into the new church finished last year. The ceremony kept us for about 80 minutes there. It was not a regular mass, the focus was on the  kids who held a short singing performance. After listening to all the children, we returned home to check if Santa Claus arrived to our house. It was quite cold outside, but to our  luck the house is just 3 minutes far from the new church away. I started ringing at the door bell, my mother answered: - Come in, Santa is here!

I watched my brother Patrick's face, he was delighted about this information. We rushed into the house, there were Christmas songs to hear also in the stairway. We went upstairs, the tree was awesome as usually, and many presents, left under this magnificent tree, were waiting for us. It would be in vain to continue describing the moments that followed, the family was glad to offer all kind of nice surprises to each other.

The evening ended with the traditional dinner, the tasty stuffed cabbage  was served. Then I had a glass of sweet Tokaji wine, my favorite white wine from Hungary. We spent some unforgettable hours, the feeling during these days is really unique. I hope that even if life takes me to different places, I will always manage to come home for Christmas and spend some fantastic days with my family.

Merry Christmas!

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