sâmbătă, 12 iunie 2010

What happened on the second day of the World Cup?

There were three games organised on the second day of the FIFA World Cup. On the first one was a dynamic South Korean team to see which bet Greece, 2-0. The Asian guys showed a compact, efficient game which led them to a deserved win. The Greek side was too loaded by the speedy attacks of the opponent team.

The second match was played between the star-filled Argentina and the initially outsider Nigerian side. A fast header brought the south-Americans on the lead, but the Africans reflected their ambitions by coming close to Romero's goal. No doubt, the team around Messi was dominating, several chances went wide. Head coach Maradona began this tournament in the right way!

On the last match were two english-speaking sides to see. England was facing the USA and after a succesful start I expected to see them having a light task. Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard scored for 1-0 in the early fourth minute to create a pleasant atmosphare under the Briton fans. The happiness didn't last too long because a new critical blooper of an English goalkeeper brought the US boys a draw. That happened before the break. There were several missed chances to see in the second part, no goals. It remained by 1-1, two lost points for England, an agreeable point for the USA.

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