luni, 7 iunie 2010

In the World Cup mood!

Oh yes! I'm listening to the new World Cup song from Shakira and I feel I could let me driven by the major football mood which will go under way on Friday. The whole world is looking at South Africa, the country which got to be the capital of sports for a month from now on. 'Cause this is Africa'-sings Shakira, a colombian beauty who cheers me up with her rhythm and dance. It is going to be a festival, a huge one: the world will meet in Africa, a less developed continent, to show respect, unity and to have fun. That all happens in a multicultural environment, in a country which is ready to welcome 32 nations and thousands of supporters.

Allez Le Blues! Forza Azzuri! Alles Gute Deutschland! Go England Go!

This time for Africa!!!!!!!!!

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