vineri, 9 ianuarie 2009

International English - Importance

I would like to come with some of the most decisive examples we can face nowadays. The following areas require standard knowledge of English:

- Internet: There is no doubt about the importance of the Internet. It is the main information source, “meeting point”, something almost unavoidable nowadays. Documents, personal data, programs and many other significant things are uploaded onto the internet

- Television: Just think about CNN, BBC, Eurosport and other channels. No chance for understanding it without owning some English skills. However many interpretations exist, the original message of the TV programme cannot be felt without understanding the real meaning.

- Travelling: Another substantial fact is travelling. Driving to Western European countries, flying to different places are dreams of everyone, but we have to confirm that information concerning cities or monuments visited are mostly through English available.

- Working in foreign countries: People are searching for a better salary, a better life. There are many places in Europe where for the same work people earn less money than more developed countries. If I make a comparison between my home and Italy, it will become understandable why a huge number of inhabitants went to the Mediterranean countries with the target of reaching a better life for them. Even if it’s enough to learn a peace of the country’s official language, some English is also welcomed. Not only it is easier to learn a new language with the bases of it, but it is also used everywhere.

- Trades: Stock markets, banks, shops are depending of the currency. The financial background of a certain country is influenced by worldwide matters, so international affairs are appearing once again. Euro and Dollar have become the power of the World’s economy, they are playing a huge role all around.


World have gone over so many changes during the last few years that everything is always turning up and down, there is no constancy. New projects, new prospects, changing workgroups, moving currency level, and a lot of things are surrounding us in this huge global World. We cannot see through all these factors, and we are not able to predict the future. The only thing we can do is to adept to the appearing conditions, and to face everything properly. As things are changing, mentality has to keep up with all the surrounding matters. The spread of the English language is an essential factor of our times. There are more than a billion people using it as a second language, and this number is set to be increased to two billion in 15 years. We observe that our partners, customers, neighbours, are not speaking the same language as we do, and they are not native English speakers. In order to make progress, to get a suitable workplace people have to learn English. We are the witnesses of an increasingly global domination. The usage of English is now moving on a west-east direction. By the enlargement of the European Union, and also by the progress of other countries positioned in the eastern part of Europe, the Lingua Franca is winning more and more territory. This phenomena have been happening since many years, especially since the fall of the communism in the Eastern European countries. Since then, the less improved states are also adopting the global affairs, wit the English language together. All in all learning it is nowadays essential for all of us. It became an important matter and thanks for the appearance of Global English, for people is now easier and simple to achieve a standard level. No matter if we work on the field of politics, economy, army or services, we need to learn it. The information mentioned through some pages above are demonstrating that English became one of the most important elements we can face nowadays. Possessing some English skills, it is obvious that we can feel everything closer to us including our aims, family, environment, holiday and top targets.

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