vineri, 9 ianuarie 2009

International English 1

By the 21th century the international affairs, trades, transports, communication and business have reached a high level. Nowadays, distances between countries have a tiny importance, every movement takes place in a sudden, quick and efficient way. That is the reason why we live in a well- defined, international world where no boundaries are known. In the majority of places, just like in the European Union, international affairs are discussed among people coming from different countries of Europe. The members of the 27 states have to be able to solve certain issues in a particular way. Business like the oil or fuel trade is also solved among members who may not have the same mother tongue. Anyway, we cannot live without the above mentioned steps, so we need to adapt to situations when our language is not enough to fix a matter. An international, well- known language has to be learned. This is the English language. A “worldwide brand” which helps people understanding each other. This kind of understanding is leading to many results which define essential matters of the Global World. English is already used and spoken in many institutions, parliaments, governments and so on. And not only in the English territories, but also in other states like Singapore or India. This language is in continuous extension, many states are adopting it one day to another. It is clear that without English there is no chance to take part in the elite category of the world’s international matters. We all have to agree with the fact that there is one major language above all the others, and its name is English.

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