vineri, 9 ianuarie 2009

International English- Education

If we want to make up to the worldwide level of using the language, we have to learn it. It is the most difficult stage, because for achieving this target we have to dispose over good prepared teachers, people who are able to think in a modern way. The way of thinking is probably the base of everything. When somebody understands the importance of doing something, it will surely work. I would like to mention the fact that many countries haven’t attended a level where teaching and learning are matched in a harmonious way. There are teachers who are glad to show how important this language is, but unfortunately many students are still in doubt regarding the seriousness of the matter. Only after finishing the school will many people observe how substantial English is. If we want to study or to work in a foreign country, we have to own good knowledge. Nowadays, there are many possibilities to gain a certificate in English. Several institutions organise different exams in order to create an opportunity for achieving degrees and certificates. The University of Cambridge with the contribution of the British Council organises a lot of exams of different levels: First Certificate in English, Cambridge Advanced English, and so on. These certificates help people to show up their abilities and to reach good workplaces, as long as English remains a basic requirement at international firms. On the other hand the use of English is also important at all the restaurants, hotels, pubs, clubs. In conclusion, in order to keep up with the progress, we need to practice it.

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