luni, 10 decembrie 2007

How we adept to Europe

No money, no honey!- this is the quote which centralise the whole World. There are two major forces, which are leading the Earth nowadays: The USA, and Western Europe. These countries started the evolution of the globalisation, which leads to the defeat of the humanity. All the members of the EU are underestimated in comparison with the western's, and that's the reason for the huge differences in the financial background among East, and West. The EU is building a monopoly, which means that all the goods are transported to foreign countries, and it helps the Euro economia's improvement. In the middle of this evolution has also found its place Romania. A relatively poor country, which missunderstood the meaning of the EU, just because it seemed that positive things will happen. What a pity: despite that, horrible, negative effects came and our country is now under the use of Western Europe. We have to observe that EU is using us for their advantages. Water, food, minerals, and wood are exported, and we don't really get anything back. What we get? There are no answers, because only tiny things are solved. We also work and study a lot for the same reasons. It is not the same to work 8 hours a day ( Germany), or work 12-14 hours ( Romania). Moreover it is known that foreig business-people came here to extend their business. That's great, for the new employees, but all the income goes back to the western's. Anyway, even if humanity is in a wrong direction which leads to destruction, we have to adept to Europe if we want to keep the steps, and if we need family, and money at the same time.

duminică, 9 decembrie 2007

Gut, besser, Poiana Brasov!!

Ich kann nur guten Meinungen uber Poiana sagen. Heute, an der Schi-strecke alles war sehr schon, also ganz wunderbar. Das Wetter war zwischen gut, und sehr gut, aber die wichtigste Sache ist, dass keine Kolonnen waren. Wenn Sie eine weltklasse Schi-Land besuchen mochten, fahren Sie nach Poiana Brasov! Alles Gute, Elod

Sunday at Poiana Brasov

A sunny day, and perfect conditions were ready to surprise me on Sunday at Poiana Brasov. For the first time there this season, I had a great time, just because everything seemed to be almost perfect. There was a nice snow, good weather, and maybe the most important, there was no queue. Visit Poiana, you won't regret it!!:)

vineri, 7 decembrie 2007

Who I am

Hi everybody! My name is Elod Pal Pal, or simple Ely. There are a lot of things to say about me. First of all you have to know that I am an 18 years old man from Miercurea Ciuc, Romania. I am a person who likes all the activities which he takes part in. For example two major things have to be known relating to my personality, and my life. First of all I can tell you some information about my intelectual life. I'm a student at the Marton Aron High School from Miercurea Ciuc, which is considered the strongest one from the location, and among the 10 best schools from Romania. I'm proud to say that, it is something which helps me taking a huge step to a serious, succesful, and maybe lucky life. And also relating to this topic, an important information can be told refering to my plans. I am a professional alpine skier for 11 years, the best results I have achieved inside Romania are 7 bronze medals at the National Championships, and several victories at other races. For example last year two major events were well- made, the vodafone, and the Orange Cup. These competitions mean also money and advertising, because that's the only way romanian skiers could get some worthy prices. Outside Romania, my best result belons to Italy, the well-known Alpine country, where the so called Children World Champs were organised in the location of Pinzolo. It is an unofficial World Championship, because it is known to be the strongest event for the children category. Among 81 competitors from 25 countries, I finished 27th. It happened in 2003. These results mean obviously a huge number of difficult, and foggy days, which are called: training. Several months are sacrified on trainings, which take place most of the time in Austria. Because of the long austrian days it was easy to learn some foreign languages, as german, and english. Now, in 2007 i'm planning to go to a University. The future is full of secrets, so I can't tell you what will happen, I can only hope that everything will be alright!