miercuri, 16 ianuarie 2013

Some busy weeks ahead

There is no much time left until the end of this semester. Fourteen days are separating me from the holiday between the semesters. This means that the next two weeks will include the final exams. These are mainly interpreting sessions in my combination of languages. I will have both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting exams, but the most important one will take place at the very end of this period full of challenges: it will be my final exam in conference interpreting. It will happen on the 29th of January and will consist of 3 parts including the two main forms of interpreting.

I am preparing myself for the series of exams. It's a strange feeling. I mean, whatever I do, even if I learn or rest, I become nervous and can hardly wait to finish the exam. This strange feeling marks all my days. It's usual before exams that I can't think of anything else but it's a stupid situation. Even if I feel that I will be in my best form, I still think that I need more and more training. On the other hand, if I try to enjoy some free hours, then I have a twinge of conscience for not practicing. There is nothing else to wish than to bring this period to a happy finish.

The days after my exams will be at least as much interesting as the weeks before them. I will have a full February with many tasks. I will present a charity event right on the second day of the month and will commentate the alpine ski races of the European Youth Olympic Winter Festival between the 17th and 22nd February. Finally, just two days after the races, I'm expecting many tourists to take part in the Day of Cross-Country Skiing at Hargitafürdő, an event organised by me in cooperation with some ambitious people from my hometown. The date of the event is the 24th of February, 10 o'clock in the morning.

So dears, that's how my next weeks look like.

I wish you all the best!

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