luni, 10 decembrie 2007

How we adept to Europe

No money, no honey!- this is the quote which centralise the whole World. There are two major forces, which are leading the Earth nowadays: The USA, and Western Europe. These countries started the evolution of the globalisation, which leads to the defeat of the humanity. All the members of the EU are underestimated in comparison with the western's, and that's the reason for the huge differences in the financial background among East, and West. The EU is building a monopoly, which means that all the goods are transported to foreign countries, and it helps the Euro economia's improvement. In the middle of this evolution has also found its place Romania. A relatively poor country, which missunderstood the meaning of the EU, just because it seemed that positive things will happen. What a pity: despite that, horrible, negative effects came and our country is now under the use of Western Europe. We have to observe that EU is using us for their advantages. Water, food, minerals, and wood are exported, and we don't really get anything back. What we get? There are no answers, because only tiny things are solved. We also work and study a lot for the same reasons. It is not the same to work 8 hours a day ( Germany), or work 12-14 hours ( Romania). Moreover it is known that foreig business-people came here to extend their business. That's great, for the new employees, but all the income goes back to the western's. Anyway, even if humanity is in a wrong direction which leads to destruction, we have to adept to Europe if we want to keep the steps, and if we need family, and money at the same time.

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nice work ELY :) check out this one :) it might interest u :P


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Fasza iras lett Elod,
Mar annak par eve h irtad, latszik h jol beszeltel ;)